Why Distilled Water is the Healthiest Drinking Water

The Importance of Water

Water and proper hydration are essential to all bodily functions from digestion and hormonal balance to basic muscle movements.

Adequate hydration allows the interstitial fluids (blood and lymph) of the body to optimally maintain and regulate the health of our cells. The blood can properly distribute nutrients throughout the body and the lymph system is able to collect and remove acidic waste and toxins from around the cells.

The human body is a microcosm of the Earth we live on. Both are composed of roughly 75% percent water. We know that polluted rivers, lakes, and oceans cause death and disease to the organisms that depend on clean water to live on this planet. The same is true of the 100 trillion cells that make up the human body.

The quality of our food and water determines the quality of the bodily fluids that are responsible for keeping us alive and healthy. For optimal longevity of both body and mind, it is vital to source the purest forms of nourishment that we can.

The Type of Water Matters

There are many types of water that people refer to, including hard water, soft water, well water, mineral water, tap water, raw water, boiled water, rain/snow water, de-ionized water, distilled water, and structured water.

Water is considered “hard” when it has a high mineral content. As water runs over or through rocks and soil, it picks up minerals such as calcium and magnesium. These minerals are what leave “water spots” on your dishes or car after you wash them.

Essentially all water from public systems or private wells is considered hard water. The problem with hard water or any water that contains minerals is the minerals are in an inorganic form. The body cannot assimilate or utilize inorganic minerals until they have been converted into organic minerals by plants that have chelated the minerals from the soil.

The body attempts to eliminate the inorganic minerals through the kidneys and bowels but what cannot be eliminated gets stored in various tissues such as the joints, intestinal walls, arteries, liver, heart, kidneys, etc.

If your home has hard water, you will likely notice white deposits and stains around your showers and sinks. This build-up can also occur inside the body, potentially causing health issues like high blood pressure, arthritis, or kidney stones.

Besides inorganic minerals, there can also be various bacteria, viruses, industrial pollutants, heavy metals, radioactive elements, pesticides, fertilizers, weed killers, fluoride, antibiotics, pharmaceutical drugs, hormones, and other toxic contaminants found in drinking water.

The only sure way to remove virtually all of these harmful contaminants is to steam-distill the water. No other method can be trusted to consistently achieve truly pure and clean water. Methods such as reverse osmosis and de-ionization have the capability to remove many of the inorganic minerals, however, they cannot be trusted to eliminate many of the other mentioned contaminants.

Structured water contained within fruits and vegetables is another source of naturally distilled water. This water contains healthy organic minerals and other important nutrients that can readily be assimilated and used by the body. This living water in raw fruits and vegetables is where we should be getting the majority of our hydration. The rest of our hydration should come from steam-distilled water.

Additional Health Benefits of Distilled Water

There are many reasons distilled and structured water should be everyone’s first choice for hydration. I’ve outlined some of those reasons below:

  1. Avoidance of inorganic minerals, bacteria, viruses, industrial pollutants, heavy metals, radioactive elements, pesticides, fertilizers, weed killers, fluoride, antibiotics, pharmaceutical drugs, hormones, and other toxic contaminants found in other drinking water.
  2. It helps to remove impurities, such as inorganic minerals from hard water, that have gotten into the body. Distilled water does not remove healthy organic minerals from the body.
  3. Promotes healthy joints and muscles
  4. Promotes a healthy cardiovascular system
  5. Promotes healthy weight management
  6. Promotes optimal digestion and elimination
  7. Promotes hormonal balance
  8. Promotes healthy skin
  9. Promotes optimal brain and nervous system function
  10. Promotes healthy kidney function

The Distiller I Use

After learning about distilled water from family members who have been distilling their drinking water for years, I was finally convinced to get my own distiller. I could immediately tell the difference compared to the reverse osmosis water that I had been drinking for several years, believing it was clean.

I could not believe how much I enjoyed the taste and feel of the distilled water. For maybe the first time, I actually enjoyed drinking water and could feel the benefits of the added hydration.

Out of curiosity, I ordered a Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Meter to test my distilled water vs other waters that were available at the stores. A TDS reading tells you the total concentration (in parts per million) of dissolved substances (mainly inorganic minerals) in a sample of water. My hope was to see readings as close to zero as possible. Here is what I found:

Distilled water from my distiller: TDS = 0 ppm

Distilled water from a plastic jug: TDS = 0 ppm

Reverse Osmosis water from a health food store I was getting my water from previously: TDS = 252 ppm

Reverse Osmosis water from another grocery store: TDS = 3 ppm

Spring water from a plastic jug: TDS = 90 ppm

Tap water from my kitchen faucet: TDS = 230 ppm


It is important to note that TDS meters do not measure contaminants such as pesticides, viruses, bacteria or other harmful contaminants. Even if the reading shows 0 ppm, there could potentially still be other non-detectable substances in the water.

Methods that use filters (even reverse osmosis) are not reliable because their effectiveness declines over time. I’ve recorded readings on my TDS meter from reverse osmosis machines ranging from 3 ppm to 252 ppm, which shows how unreliable of a source any filtered water can be.

This is why I believe distilled water is the best choice we have available for safe and healthy drinking water. All other forms may be able to remove the inorganic minerals, but they fall short when it comes to other contamination.

The water distiller I chose to purchase is the Pure Water Mini Classic CT Water Distiller, which my family and I have been very happy with. I am so impressed by this distiller that I reached out to the company and became an affiliate for their distillers. You can get 5% off of the Mini Classic CT Water Distiller at https://mypurewater.com/ using discount code “rawintuition” at checkout. If you buy in the month of March, 2020 - you get free shipping as well!

Check out the video I posted on YouTube about this topic if you would like additional information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6wkxjAaljY

I hope you found this information helpful and please feel free to reach out with any questions. I will continue to update you as I learn more about the many great health benefits of consuming distilled water.

Health and happiness,




6 Replies to “Why Distilled Water is the Healthiest Drinking Water”


I’m still annoyed how dirty the RO water we were drinking is/was ???? But at least thankful we’ve entered the distilled world!!! In addition to physical benefits, it’s amazing how many mental and emotional changes have happened for me after switching over to clean (distilled) water! My anxiety has cut in half and I’m experiencing much more mental clarity. I can never go back to contaminated water!

Matt Bennett

Yes! Same here – the benefits are well worth it!

Nick Hall

I would love to switch to distilled water but it is difficult for me for a couple of reasons. The main reason being those distillers are so expensive! Also, I do not want to buy store bought distilled water because I do not trust plastic containers at all!! Any suggestions?

Matt Bennett

Hey Nick – I hear you! I would say get a few gallon glass jars (I reused apple cider 1-gallon glass jars) and fill those up with RO water at a grocery store that has an RO machine. I would get a TDS meter to make sure the RO machine is actually giving you good quality water though because you just never know. RO is still good water as long as the filter is working.

Sue Walters

Great information Matt! Everyone should invest in a distiller. Its an investment but will last for years.
Give up a habit ( coffee, soda ) to pay for it…your body will thank you!

Matt Bennett

Thank you!

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