The Ultimate Secret To Reaching Your Raw Vegan Goals

Having spent the last eleven years on a very high raw vegan diet, I have had many opportunities to observe and reflect on what works and what doesn’t work on this lifestyle.

In addition to those experiences, I have witnessed many people come, and many more go away from this way of life for a variety of reasons. Some people take to this lifestyle like a fruit fly on spotted bananas and others just never find their raw groove.

Through my observations and introspections, I would like to share with you what I have determined to be the ultimate secret to reaching your raw vegan goals or any other goal for that matter. There is one thing that has carried me through the tough times and elevated me to new heights during the good times.

The trait and common thread that runs through every successful venture that I have taken has been the employment of consistent effort over a sustained period of time until it becomes second nature. 

Consistency is what separates those who live the life they desire and those who just fantasize about it. It is the backbone of every champion you will ever meet. 

Not only has consistency allowed me to succeed with my raw vegan diet and lifestyle for the last eleven years, but in many other areas of my life as well. I want to share with you five key ways that consistency has allowed me to maintain my healthy lifestyle and create a strong body and mind in the process: 

  1. Challenging My Comfort Zone

    I learned that regularly doing things that scared me was a great way to build self-confidence.After three years of eating a raw vegan diet and experiencing so many amazing benefits to my health, I decided that I wanted to start sharing what I had learned and scheduled my first raw foods class at our local food co-op. My whole life I struggled with the fear of public speaking, so this was something that was well outside of my comfort zone. The day before the class I was very close to calling the co-op and canceling due to my fears. However, I went through with teaching the class and it turned out to be a very fun and successful experience. From that point on, I have made a point of doing things that scare me and that challenge my self-limiting beliefs. 

  2. Thinking For Myself

    I am a firm believer in the philosophy of “listen to all, follow none” - meaning, study and be open to the work and opinions of others, but never blindly follow anyone. There are many people that have a lot of knowledge and wisdom to share but nobody knows everything, and this is why it is critical to use discernment with any information you consume.No matter how much I love and respect someone, there is still a very good chance that I won’t align with them on absolutely every topic or idea. This is why I generally approach any teacher or organization with the 80/20 rule. This means that in general if I get a good vibe from a certain source, I will likely resonate with about 80% of what they say, and the other 20% I won’t. So, I take what feels right and leave the rest. With that mindset, I don’t set too high of expectations for any one person or organization.

  3. Listening To Motivational And Positive Content

    Very few days go by that I do not listen to some form of positive, inspiring, or motivating content. This played a huge part in helping me to rewrite some of the toxic subconscious programming and thought patterns that had caused me to continually self-sabotage throughout my life. Motivational speakers like Les Brown, Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, and so many others helped me to change my perception of myself and what I was capable of achieving.

  4. Exercise At Least 4-5 Days A Week

    Maintaining a consistent workout routine of body weight exercises and a few weights at least four to five times per week has served me very well. If you want to be toned and fit, you have to regularly use your body. Pushing yourself and holding yourself accountable with regular exercise - especially running (for me) - trains your mind to be relentless and big picture oriented - short term pain for long term gain.

  5. 5 Star Salads and Whole Foods

    No matter what day of the year it is - 99% of the time, you will find me eating a 5-Star Salad for dinner. This is not something that I have to rely on discipline in order to stay consistent with, because I absolutely love my salads. I believe this is where many people get off track - dinner! It’s the most challenging meal of the day for many raw foodies - and I believe 5-Star Salads are the biggest reason that I virtually never experience undesirable cravings at dinner time or any other time of the day. Consistently adhering to a whole food, plant based diet that includes a daily 5-Star Salad has allowed me to achieve incredible mental, physical, and spiritual health.

If you would like to hear more about the power of consistency and how it can help you achieve any goal you have, check out the recent episode of The Raw Misfits Show, that I co-host with Ms.FitVegan every Saturday at Noon EST. The show time will be changing to Sundays at Noon EST at some point in the near future - so stay tuned for that announcement. Replays of every episode can be seen on Jeannette’s or my YouTube channels. 

Take care and always follow your raw intuition. 



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