The Raw Vegan Diet: Why You Should And Shouldn’t Do It!

There are many reasons why someone might choose to transition to a raw vegan diet. From better sleep and higher energy levels to resolving constipation and headaches. Whatever the reason, it is definitely a good idea to increase our consumption of raw fruits and vegetables. 

My personal experience with a raw vegan diet has been nothing short of miraculous. I have witnessed a complete revival of my body, mind, and spirit over the last decade of eating this way. 

With that personal anecdote, I have put together three of my top reasons that I believe someone may want to give a raw vegan diet a shot!

Additionally, over the last ten years I have helped a lot of people successfully adopt this lifestyle for themselves. 

In that time I have noticed that some people choose a raw diet for reasons that do not usually lead to the long-term success and happiness that they desire. 

So, I will also share my top three reasons that someone should NOT go on a raw vegan diet to hopefully help you avoid sliding down that slippery slope of despair.

Let’s get into it!

My Top 3 Reasons To Eat A Raw Vegan Diet

  1. Increased Connection with Intuition 

I recall many times in my life that my gut feeling feeling told me to do one thing and I would do the opposite. One thing in particular was drinking alcohol and spending several nights a week in bars. 

I would often be out drinking at the bars and I would get this deeply visceral feeling that I was on the wrong path in life - yet I ignored that feeling and continued to act against my gut feelings.

It wasn’t until I experimented with a 10-day juice fast that my intuitive inner voice became so loud and strong that I could no longer ignore it.

From that point on I transitioned to a raw vegan diet which further strengthened my connection with intuition and has allowed me to align my actions with my soul’s mission and elevate every aspect of my life.

2. Increased Creative Energy 

In my previous Standard American Lifestyle, not only was I disconnected from my intuition but I could never seem to follow through with any of the ideas that I had.

As a child I loved to write stories, make poems, draw pictures and create things from my imagination. As I grew older though, I lost a lot of that creative energy and consequently I lost that source of true joy and curiosity.

But with the adoption of a raw vegan diet, that creative energy came back with a vengeance! I regained that child-like desire to dust off my imagination and explore my creative ideas.

I started drawing, writing songs and poems (which will be shared more in the future), creating books, developing new concepts to help others on their health journey, making videos, and so much more.

I am truly just getting started with everything that I will create - and I give a lot of credit to my raw vegan diet that gives me the clarify to tap into my creative energy and the focus to follow through with my ideas.

3. Superior Health

As you may have heard me talk about in other posts, since switching to a raw vegan diet, I have watched my body heal from asthma, eczema, cold sores, constipation, depression, and so much more!

Conditions that my doctors told me had nothing to do with my diet or lifestyle and that the only thing we could do was to use drugs to manage the symptoms - were suddenly disappearing one after the other.

I was never taught how amazingly powerful and self-healing the human body truly is.

It was only through my own personal experience with detoxification, raw plant foods, and re-aligning with a more natural lifestyle that I was able to witness the incredible capabilities of my body.

It has been over ten years now and in all of that time I have had a couple bouts of heavy detoxification but I have not been what people would consider “sick” throughout that time!

When we give the body the correct conditions, it can do an amazing job of keeping us healthy.

This is one reason why I choose to eat a raw vegan diet and why I believe others could benefit from it as well. 

3 Reasons Why You Should NOT Eat a Raw Vegan Diet

As I mentioned earlier, there are some motivations that people site for eating this way that in the long-run can lead to less than optimal results.

Let’s go over those now: 

  1. Being Raw Just To Be Raw (Raw Dogma) 

I do believe that raw fruits and vegetables are the optimal foods for the human body, however, not everyone has access to high quality fruits and vegetables where they live.

I believe it is wise to remain flexible and to understand when it is appropriate to use some consciously cooked whole plant foods to supplement someone’s raw diet.

For example adding some steamed potatoes or squash to a big raw salad can offer quality carbohydrates and calories to someones diet. 

Alternatively, many people that believe they must stay 100% raw, will resort to packaged “raw” foods or higher fat meals to provide the satiety that they are looking for.

Higher fat diets do not lead to great outcomes over the long-term and can cause issues like fatigue, constipation, skin issues, insulin resistance, and more.

If someone is able to maintain a 100% raw diet in a healthful way, then that is outstanding!

However, to ensure that people are able to make this a healthy and sustainable way of life - having the flexibility to make intelligent adjustments based on their personal circumstances is essential.

2. Instant Fix To All Their Problems

This is a big one that I have noticed over the years - for some reason people have been given the impression that if they eat a raw vegan diet - everything else in their life (diet related or not) will magically become perfect.

This way of eating certainly has improved every aspect of my life but it has required a change in my diet AND my lifestyle AND my mindset AND various other factors.

For example, a raw vegan diet drastically improved the quality of my sleep, but I still have to be the one that makes myself go to bed on time - the diet can’t do that for me. The diet can’t make me go outside and spend time in nature - I have to do this. 

We can’t expect our diet to be the sole factor in how our life turns out - we have to think more holistically than that.

So, even though eating a raw vegan diet can dramatically improve many areas of your life, don’t expect it all to happen over night and don’t place your personal responsibilities on the diet’s shoulders (does a diet have shoulders?) if you want to be successful long-term. 

3. External Validation

If you are going to require the support and approval of other in order to stay on this diet,  you likely will not last very long. 

This diet and lifestyle is considered “fringe” by many and it’s going to test yours convictions if you choose to walk this path. 

It is important to choose this lifestyle based on your own soul’s guidance - not on if your partner, your friends, or your family will make this change with you.

We must take responsibility for our own actions and do what is best for us, regardless of what others around us are doing. 

If you truly feel in your heart that this is the best lifestyle for you to follow, then step into your power and create the life that you feel drawn to.

If you would like to hear me cover this topic in video format, you can check out my video on YouTube:

I hope you found this post helpful and if there is anything I can do to assist you on your journey, please feel free to reach out at 

To health freedom,



4 Replies to “The Raw Vegan Diet: Why You Should And Shouldn’t Do It!”


I went through a year long phase during my time of being 100% raw where I would eat bags of kale chips a couple times a week just to maintain that 100% status. I was completely swept up with the dogma. Then I began swapping the high fat raw snacks for steamed sweet potatoes and felt fully satiated and had much better energy levels. Being 100% raw feels like a fantasy status at this point with the fruits I have access to. I find it’s much more realistic for me to maintain 70-80% raw instead – and fortunately I feel great doing so. You address some great points in your article – thanks for sharing!

Matt Bennett

Thank you Selene! I’m so glad you found a healthy balance that works great for you!


I love that there is a healthy way to truly connect with yourself.

Matt Bennett


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