March Newsletter – Maximize Your Sleep

Welcome to March! This month is all about getting enough sleep and creating the conditions to maximize the benefits of your slumber.

With the many technological distractions we have today, most people could use a reminder on the importance of getting a good night's rest.

While we sleep, the body uses this break from activity to detox, heal, and recharge the areas of the mind and body that need it. A good example is when someone sick,  the body will signal for them to sleep which will speed up the recovery process.

Sleeping doesn't just help us when we feel sick, though. We need good, restful sleep every night to ensure all the different systems of the body are working as they should be. A lack of proper sleep can impair brain and nervous system function, memory, mood, the immune system, cardiovascular health and more.

Now you wouldn't think sleeping requires a lot of preparation, but there are actions we can take to maximize the effectiveness of our sleep.

  1. Sleep with a window open 

Breathing becomes more intense during sleep as the body works to detoxify itself from the toxins consumed or created throughout the previous day. By keeping a window open while you sleep, you increase the amount of fresh oxygen that is available for the body to utilize in it's detoxification and regeneration efforts.

2. Avoid bed time snacks

Eating late at night forces the body to focus it's efforts on digestion, rather than cleansing and healing throughout the night. By ending our intake of food no less than 2 to 4 hours before sleep, you free up the body to do what it loves to do; detox and regenerate. Give this a try and you will likely wake up the next morning feeling much more refreshed and energized!

3. Avoid light at night

In a more natural environment (without electricity), we would likely be more inclined to be sleeping and waking with the sun. However; with the help of technology we are able to stay awake at all hours of the night. This can have negative consequences on the body. Even a small amount of light can affect the amount of melatonin the pineal gland produces. Melatonin has been shown to play an important part in synchronizing our body's circadian rhythm and natural sleep patterns. Do what you can to block out all light from your bedroom when you sleep at night. It may also be wise to avoid looking at electronics (TV, Computers, cell phone, etc) two hours before bed time.

4. Avoid sleeping next to cell phones

Cells phones emit radiation, which can affect your quality of sleep. The waves of radiation can disrupt the body’s natural processes needed to repair the body. Sleeping close to cell phones has also shown to prolong the time it takes to fall asleep. Putting your phone on “Airplane” mode at night may help reduce this risk.

5. Eat your fresh, ripe, raw fruits and vegetables

Eating more fruits and vegetables has shown to benefit the quality of one's sleep. Personally, since becoming a raw vegan, my sleep has improved dramatically. I fall asleep quickly and sleep straight through the night. I would also recommend eliminating refined sugar, caffeine, nicotine and processed food, as these can hinder our quality of sleep.

I hope these tips can help to improve your quality of sleep and give you the energy to accomplish your goals.

Next week, be sure to check the blog to read my thoughts and reactions from eating only fruit in February. You won't want to miss it!

Have a great March and always follow your raw intuition!



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