How To Make Homemade Celery Salt

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Sodium is an important mineral that keeps us healthy; however, not all sources of sodium are created equal! Table salt is where most Americans are getting their sodium, but white table salt also has several problematic issues:

  • Highly processed and has been stripped of it's beneficial minerals.
  • Heated to extremely high temperatures and may be combined with additives, such as anti-caking agents, fluoride, sugar, and other synthetic chemicals.
  • Typically bleached to give it the white color.
  • May promote hypertension and numerous other negative effects on our organs and glands.
  • Is an inorganic form of sodium, which the body cannot easily utilize.

Personally, I don't typically like to use added salt in any of my meals, however I have been trying out a new simple substitute that I can recommend to others that still like to have that salty flavor.

Celery is a great way to add a little salty flavor to your meals, as it's a great source of natural, organic sodium. The sodium in celery is much healthier and more bio-available to the body than white table salt.

Try adding more celery to your meals or you can learn how to make your own homemade celery salt in my latest tutorial video. Check out the video below and start making your own healthy salt alternative today!

I hope you find this simple substitute helpful in finding a healthy salt alternative. Have a great day.

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