How To Find More Gratitude In Your Life

Welcome back!

Regardless if you celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday or not, I think it's important to frequently count our blessings. We all go through highs and lows, so keeping a regular tally of the things we are grateful for can help keep us in a positive mindset, regardless of the situation.

A daily gratitude list is something that I have started to practice. Each night before bed, I am writing down three things that I am grateful for. I keep this list in a designated journal that I will be able to look back over any time I need a little added source of inspiration in times of need.

While there are countless things to be thankful for, I've listed tonight's three things I'm grateful for:

  1. Loving Friends and Family - I wouldn't choose to have any other cast of amazing souls to be on this journey with. I am beyond blessed to have such a supportive and inspiring team around me.
  2. The Gift of Life Itself - It's easy to get lost in the illusion of the matrix we live in. I'm eternally grateful to have this opportunity to develop my soul and contribute to the collective elevation of consciousness.
  3. Healthy Body and Mind - With all the challenges we're given in our search for health, I'm thankful for my discovery of the truth and what it has allowed me to create in body and mind. I don't believe the development and refining process ever end but I'm grateful for where I am at this point.


By using this practice, I believe we reaffirm to God and to ourselves that we are ready for more good things to arrive in our lives. The more we focus on the things we have to be grateful for, the more things we will have to be grateful for. Give it try for two weeks and see what happens!

Have a great week and I will speak to you again soon!

PS: In case you missed my interview with Dr. Will Tuttle, author of The World Peace Diet, please check it out below. He will definitely inspire you to find a little extra gratitude in your life!

To your health and happiness,


Intuitive Connection Coach


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