How To Change Your Life In 5 Steps

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Have you tried changing your diet and lifestyle habits but keep falling back into old routines? I know the feeling! There are so many conveniences and temptations that make it difficult to stick with our goals.

Thankfully I have found a way of eating and living that is healthy and that I've been able to stick to for the past 7 years and I can't imagine living any other way.

I thought I would share a few tips that have helped me stay committed to my healthy lifestyle for the long term, so you can do the same if you're feeling stuck!

Tip #1: Learn from those that have done what you're trying to do. 

I have found the best people to learn from are those that have already accomplished the very thing I'm trying to do. Learn from their experiences so you can help yourself avoid many of the mistakes that they ran into. This will help increase your chances of success and shorten the time it takes to do it.

Tip #2: Learn from many experienced people/sources. 

Have a favorite source of inspiration and education is good. But having multiple sources is even better. When we hear multiple points of view regarding how something can be done, it increases our odds of finding a way that works for us. Don't be afraid to combine multiple methods and form them into your own unique personalized way of doing it.

Tip #3: Stay Balanced - Don't force it

It's not a race and you don't have to compare your progress to anyone else's. Take your time and be flexible with your approach. It's important to hold yourself accountable but it's also a good idea to have a backup plan that allows you some lenience in certain situations like social gatherings or other occasions. Give yourself an acceptable fall back option that provides you with balance and healthy alternatives to your ideal plan.

Tip #4: Build A Support System

Having a healthy support system of friends or family that encourage you to be your best can have a huge impact on your success. See if you can find an accountability buddy who will be working to adopt the same healthy lifestyle habits that you are. If you don't have supportive friends or family that you can count on, go online to Facebook or other social media platforms and join some groups that focus on what you're trying to accomplish. Positive support can make all the difference in staying on track for the long run.

Tip #5: Get Into The Right Mindset 

Your mindset is an essential part of what dictates your actions and whether you follow through or not. Along with our support system, other sources of influence can effect how our mindset is formed. Music, Television, Movies, YouTube videos, access to nature, and our personal self talk can all impact our mindset. Choose only positive sources of external stimuli that you allow into your life. Get into nature as much as possible and speak only loving and encouraging words to yourself.

I hope these five tips will help you succeed in achieving whatever health and lifestyle goals you're striving for. Stay positive and never give up.

If you'd like to hear me speak more about this topic and how I have been able to sustain my healthy lifestyle habits over the last seven years, you can check that out in the video below:

Thanks again for stopping by and I hope to see you again soon!

Health and Happiness,


Intuitive Connection Coach


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