7 Year Raw Vegan Blood Test Results

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I know some people are genuinely concerned about getting enough protein, calcium, healthy fats and so much more on a plant based diet, so I felt the best way I can help people understand the power of a plant based diet, is to show the verifiable proof - my blood test!

If you currently have any concerns about deficiencies of a plant based diet, I hope this article and subsequent video will help ease your mind and encourage you to start moving toward a fully plant based diet and feeling your best!

I continue to feel amazing since I've made this switch to a plant based diet and I'm hoping whatever you're diet/lifestyle is, you're feeling amazing too!

Check out some snap shots from my blood work:

While I eat plenty of fruit, I still have great blood glucose levels. Since I don't consume animal products (which contain saturated fat, cholesterol, and animal protein), my body has no trouble moving the glucose out of my blood and into the cells as needed.

Calcium is a mineral found in the soil, which ends up in fruits and vegetables that are grown in that soil. The same way a cow gets calcium from plants, we can too! I haven't consumed any animal products in about 7 years and I am having no trouble getting calcium into my body.

No meat, no problem! Iron is abundant in plant foods, such as leafy greens. And as a bonus, we can consume iron-rich plants with other vitamin C-rich plants to increase the absorption of the iron.

Where do I get my protein? More like, where DON'T I get my protein!? Plants are a perfect source of protein, or to be more specific, amino acids. The old myth of plants being incomplete protein has been long debunked. As you can see my protein levels are doing just well. Popeye would be proud 😉

B12 is the one downside to my blood test but it's important to know that B12 deficiency is not exclusive to a vegan diet. Those that eat omnivorous-type diets have similar B12 deficiency rates as those that eat plant based diets. Because we have blasted our soils with chemicals and we sanitize everything, the bacteria that produce B12 are being wiped out. So a B12 supplement seems advisable for anyone, regardless of what they eat.

So that's just a few of the great results I received on my blood test. Check out my video below, and I'll take you through my full blood test!

Thanks for visiting my blog and I look forward to seeing you again soon!

Health and Happiness,


Intuitive Connection Coach


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