5 Tips For Creating More Freedom In Your Life


One day we will all have to leave this world. That alone, should be enough of a reason to never let fear stand in the way of doing exactly what it is we are passionate about. We are all called to do something in this life and only a select few choose to listen to that calling and follow their intuition.

The choice is there every day to follow our passion and take chances or be herded by fear to settle for less than we desire. The goal isn’t to live completely fearless but to create a life and mindset that will allow us to eliminate as many irrational fears as possible. With each irrational fear that we shed, we grow a little more free and courageous. Irrational fear is a suffocating disease that, sadly, too many of us suffer with.  When it’s time to leave this reality, what could be more devastating than feeling that we let our own self-inflicted fears keep us from living the life we felt we could have.

The power and wisdom we hold locked within us is beyond what many of us will ever allow ourselves to realize. Our ego’s job is to keep us in fear of allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and explore the unknown possibilities. The problem is that it’s outside of our comfort zone that our physical, mental and spiritual growth takes place. Stepping off the path of comfort and security is where it all begins. What else could be the purpose of life, than to explore, play and discover the true expression of your soul?

I’ve listed my top five tips that have helped me on my journey towards creating a life of more freedom and purpose:

  1. Eat as many fresh, ripe, raw fruits and vegetables as you can.

Nothing has changed my mental, physical and spiritual state in a more profound way than adopting a whole food, vegan diet made up almost exclusively of raw fruits and leafy green vegetables. Food is our most powerful way of connecting with Nature and our inner voice. I can truly say that I am happier, healthier and more divinely connected with myself, God, and Nature than I have ever been at any point in this life.

  1. Meditate Daily

Calming the body and mind is essential to hearing the faint whispers of our intuition. There is incessant chatter and distractions these days with technology constantly around us. Get away from the TV, phone, computer, and radio and tune-in to what is truly going on within you. We have more wisdom and knowing within us than we give ourselves credit for. Meditation taps into our inner reservoir of courage and confidence. The more we tap these reserves of inner-knowing; the more clearly we’re able to see.

  1. Yoga and Exercise

A strong, flexible body will create a fluid and flexible mind that is more creative and balanced. The health of our physical body should be a top priority. We get one body and if you ask anyone who’s lost their health, they can tell you the importance of not taking it for granted. You don’t have to go to the gym or yoga class 5 times a week if that’s not your thing. Dedicating a portion of your day to stretching and some sort of physical activity that you find enjoyable is a great way to build a healthier body over time. Start today.

  1. Become a Child Again

Think back to what you really loved to do as a child. As adults, many of us have been conditioned and fear mongered into abandoning our passions and instead accepting a fate of being an uninspired debt slave constantly yearning for the weekend. From an early age we are primed with empty, industry propagated desires and superficial fascinations. Use the tips in this list to reconnect with what filled you with joy as a child before you were made to believe you needed something outside of yourself to be whole.  At what point were you convinced you needed toxic make-up to be beautiful, to style your hair and clothes like the celebrities paraded to us in the media to be accepted or that you needed to constantly assault your body and mind by consuming toxic substances to have a good time? It's time we wake up to the lies of industry marketing. Revive the imagination and curiosity that you had as a child and allow yourself to play again without the fear of judgement.

  1. Strive to Honor and Protect What God and Nature Has Gifted Us

It’s more important today than ever before that we take responsibility for the condition of our body, mind and spirit. Gratitude and appreciation for these gifts is something that must be regained in our culture. We all hold certain values and beliefs, yet many times, act in complete opposition to these values and beliefs. Too many of us want to make changes but are waiting for society to change before we act ourselves. The change starts with you and me, right now. When enough individuals change, the culture changes, not the other way around.  Not enough people recognize their body as a divine gift, and so they treat it with such disregard that it begins to fail at an early age. Right now is a great time to reflect on the priorities we’ve set for ourselves and determine if we are in alignment with our values.  I've found that the more action I take in caring for my body and mind, the closer it brings me to living my life in alignment with the things I value, and consequently, the freer I feel. The longer we wait to make necessary changes in life, the less likely we ever will. We have a chance to start right now.


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