Finding Motivation In An Unmotivated World

Motivation is a funny thing. Everyone is looking for it. Most can’t seem to find it. And those that do find it, struggle to hang onto it.

The truth is, everything we do is based on some sort of motivating factor. The problem lies in what it is that we allow to motivate us. 

On a basic level, we are all motivated by three general categories:

  1. Pleasure (food and sex)
  2. Pain avoidance (physical, mental, and emotional discomfort)
  3. Energy conservation  

In a more natural setting, this would all work out nicely and encourage our happiness and survival. However, in the unfortunate culture that we find ourselves in, these natural motivators have been hijacked, manipulated, and abused, leading us to habitually seek short-term pleasure and convenience while consequently creating long term pain and suffering. 

Only in a chronically unmotivated and sick society would we turn a blind eye to the atrocities that are allowed to be pushed on the public - and especially on children. Toxic processed foods and drugs are marketed to children, leading to life long addictions and health problems. The education, healthcare, and media industries take it from there and convince these children (and their parents) as they grow older and sicker that their poor health is a result of bad genes or bad luck, and that they require drugs and medications to treat the illnesses that have truly resulted from the toxic food and chemical culture they were raised in. This misunderstanding of health extinguishes any motivation for someone to change and leaves them feeling helpless and dependent on the system.

Toxic children become toxic adults who then go on to raise more toxic children. It is not their fault, though, as this is how they were raised and educated by the institutions and authority figures that we have been convinced to trust. These institutions have been dictating policy and controlling the narrative for many decades, and look at where it had led us. We have the sickest population in the history of the world and it continues to get worse. We are well overdue to wake up to the broken and corrupted system and institutions that glamorize and promote destructive behaviors to our most vulnerable (children and elderly) and generate the motivation to take your power and sovereignty back.

I think about how much easier life would be for me today if I had decided to ignore my intuitive signals ten years ago that told me to stop drinking alcohol, taking drugs, and eating junk food. I would never have allowed myself to read the books or watch the documentaries that woke me up to the philosophy of veganism, self development and holistic lifestyle practices that went completely against what everyone I knew was doing. If I didn’t change I would still fit in with everyone around me. I could continue getting black out drunk and acting foolish and it would be encouraged by society because it’s “just having a good time” and everyone does it. I could still be unknowingly contributing to the pain and suffering of animals through my diet and lifestyle. And I could still be spending my time doing things that distract me from who I truly am and what is truly important to me.

The reality is that if I had not listened to my intuition ten years ago and changed my behaviors, nothing that is actually important to me would be easier in my life today. I would be even more sick, overweight, and depressed than I was back then. I fought my intuitive signals for years before I finally started to listen to what I was hearing deep down. I was knee-deep in cognitive dissonance but I could only distract myself from the truth in my heart for so long. I knew I was meant to do more with my life than feed the beast of a self-destructive culture. I could have stayed the same and gone along to get along, but the guaranteed pain of staying the same was far more terrifying than the potential pain that I might experience by changing. 

Think of what we could accomplish if our culture encouraged lifting each other up and truly embracing healthy living for everyone. I don’t mean corporate colored ribbons and walk-a-thons that pad executive’s pockets and unnecessary drug research - I mean real support for those that are in need and educating our youth about healthy living so they don’t have to spend adulthood dealing with the problems most people struggle with today. With all of that said, this is not about pointing the finger at corporations, institutions, or society; it is about taking responsibility for ourselves and making the necessary changes in our own lives that will allow us to focus on the things we are passionate about and that bring us genuine happiness.

If you feel that you lack the motivation or willpower to make an important change to any aspect of your life, then you most likely haven’t fully grasped what it would mean for you to change versus staying the same. Whether it pertains to diet, lifestyle, relationships, or anything else - we all have the capability to generate the motivation we need to do what is best for ourselves - but it takes an honest and genuine reflection on what we truly want and what needs to be done to achieve it - as well as an understanding of what it will mean to not make the change. The truth is, people don’t lack the motivation to change, they lack the honesty with themselves that would inspire them to take action.

Nobody can do the work for you. Other people can only provide temporary motivation - while internal motivation can last forever. Find the reasons that generate more motivation for you to do it than the reasons that you're using not to do it. Set new standards for what you allow in your life. Surround yourself with people that support your happiness. Forgive yourself for past regrets. Forgive others. Clean out the junk food from your house. Take the singing lessons you have been putting off. Start your meditation practice. Go for that walk. Eat the more fruit. Drink clean water every morning. Whatever it is you want to do, there's a good chance that you already have what you need to start doing it - you just need to see and feel the importance of it. 

Life has its challenges but today is a good day to overcome at least one of them. Don’t let the fear of failure hold you back from what you know you deserve. Progress breeds confidence and confidence feeds motivation to keep going. Small changes lead to big results. Believe that you can do it. Believe that you deserve it. And do it. I believe in you, and you should too. 

Peace, health and happiness,



5 Replies to “Finding Motivation In An Unmotivated World”


I can’t wait for the day when our culture encourages lifting each other up. I think it’s so important to start with the children of today. Teaching them healthy ways to eat, communicate, care for our earth, be kind. We could change so much by in one generation. Great article Matt, I love this reflection style blog.


Very true and inspiring article! Think of how good that would be! ????♥️

Matt Bennett

Thank you very much!

Amelia B Gerlach

Beautiful article, Matt! So right on!!

Matt Bennett

Thank you Amelia!

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