Transform Your Health, Body, Mind, and Life In 6 Weeks!

Introducing: The Ultimate Raw Transformation Program

I’m ready to apply for the transformation program!

This is the opportunity of a lifetime to finally take control of your health once and for all!

Join Jeannette Donofrio (Ms.FitVegan) and Matt Bennett (Raw Intuition) for 6 empowering weeks of the most real-world, raw vegan program ever created! 

This program is for ANYONE that REALLY wants to become their healthiest version! You will quickly learn in this course that you DO NOT need to be 100% raw to be 100% healthy. In fact, you can be VERY unhealthy being 100% raw!

It can seem a bit confusing, but being a healthy vegan can actually be easy… and so much fun when you have the right guidance! Matt and Jeannette have both been thriving raw vegans since 2011 and can help you achieve the same success!

Before and after photos of Jeannette Donofrio

Jeannette Donofrio

Matt Bennett

What’s Included in the

Group Coaching Intensive

Six full weeks of Group Coaching from Matt and Jeannette

Two Weekly 90-minute Live Group Zoom calls every Sunday and Wednesday at 7 pm EST. It is HIGHLY encouraged that you attend each and every session, but if needed, you will be able to access the private replays

A 1:1 Private 60 min Zoom Session with Matt or Jeannette (whichever is the raw vegan coach of your dreams! : )

Six full weeks of Direct Access to Jeannette and Matt via WhatsApp, text, or email (depending on your preferred form of communication)

An Individually Assigned Accountability Partner to ensure continued success during and after the course

A paperback copy of Matt’s 21 Day Raw Transformation Program mailed to you as well as the Ebook version

Plus so much more!


  • Full Personalized Diet and Lifestyle Evaluation and Protocol ($125 value)
  • Matt’s “21 Day Raw Transformation Program” Paperback ($29.99 value)
  • Matt’s “21 Day Raw Transformation” eBook ($21.99 value)
  • Matt’s “5-Star Digestion” eBook ($14.99 value)
  • Matt’s “Raw Intuition Traffic Light System” PDF
  • Matt’s “Yellow Light Support Foods” eBook
  • Matt’s “Fat-Free Salad Dressings” Ebook ($9.99 value)
  • Ms.FitVegan’s “Introduction To Raw Vegan Heaven | A 7-Day Meal Plan Guide” ($19.99)
  • Ms.FitVegan’s “Guide To Tropical and Exotic Fruit” ($11.11)
  • Ms.FitVegan’s “Raw Vegan Beauty Book” ($30)
  • Ms.FitVegan’s Watermelon Workout Program ($30)
  • Ms.FitVegan’s “Favorite Quick + Easy Raw Vegan Recipes”
  • Ms.FitVegan’s “Mistakes I Made Over The Past 10+ Years” ($9.99)
  • Each Member will receive a Personalized Guided Visualization + Affirmation Video/Audio to re-program their subconscious ($222)
  • Ten Guided Visualization/Meditations from Jeannette (Over $1,000 value)

I’m ready to apply for the transformation program!

What to Expect

In the Twice Weekly Zoom Sessions

You will learn how to:

  • Choose your new identity
  • Upgrade your belief systems
  • Create beautiful glowing skin
  • Follow through on your goals
  • Evaluate your body’s toxic load
  • Master your attention and focus
  • Love yourself on a deeper level
  • Save money on your grocery bills
  • FINALLY master cravings for good
  • Eliminate bloating and constipation
  • Increase your energy levels naturally
  • Design your kitchen and home for success
  • Eat for maintenance vs building vs detox
  • Shop like an expert & find the best deals
  • Handle stress and resolve emotional eating
  • Support your body’s pathways of elimination
  • Change your internal and external environments
  • Know which staple items to always have on hand
  • Build the confidence to be your authentic self
  • Properly combine your food for the best digestion
  • Optimize the 4-phases of digestion (5 Star Digestion)
  • Reprogram your subconscious mind to support your goals
  • Avoid common mistakes during your transition and beyond
  • Detox the proper way for long term success and vitality
  • Reach your ideal body weight without restricting your food
  • How to optimize your sleep for better energy and immune health
  • Analyze and prioritize your relationships (establishing your Top 5)
  • Implement the Daybreak Detox Support Routine to jump start your day
  • Build healthy and meaningful connections that add value to your life
  • Understand the effects of plant foods vs animal foods on the human body
  • Gain awareness of your social environment and how it’s affecting your success
  • Gain awareness of your subconscious programming around food and health and the power you hold to control these parts of your life

You Will Also Get

Guided meditations, visualizations, and EFT tapping for various issues

Reflexology techniques to stop cravings, boost weight loss, feel empowered, and be open and receptive to changing habits

Exercises to stimulate the vagus nerve for better digestion, better assimilation of nutrients, and faster healing

Recommended grocery items and kitchen tools for the program and beyond

Jeannette and Matt will share solutions to ALL of the mistakes and challenges they had to overcome since beginning this journey in 2011. They will help YOU avoid making these same mistakes!

The MOST important factor in changing your eating habits and releasing your addiction to processed food ~ How we mastered it and how YOU can too!

How to deal with (and release) stress healthfully and stop the binging!

How to make quick, easy, and deliciously healthy meals that satisfy! (Over 200 recipes included!)

Proven ways to stay on track when you live with someone who is not raw + How to master social eating!

And so much more.

I’m ready to apply for the transformation program!

Topics We’ll be Covering Throughout the 6 Weeks Together:

  • Weight loss
  • Overeating, emotional eating, binging (and how to finally stop for good)
  • Clearing skin / acne / eczema
  • How to genuinely believe in yourself
  • How to wire your brain for success
  • Fitness
  • Making this diet and lifestyle sustainable for your life
  • Water fasting, juice fasting, and cleansing
  • Socializing as a raw vegan
  • Raw vs cooked food
  • Detoxification
  • Shopping and recipes
  • B12 and supplementation
  • And so much more!

What To Expect Once You Are Enrolled

  • A welcome email.
  • A PDF of the Course Outline with what to expect each week.
  • A Health History Intake Form to complete and return before Day 1.
  • A Disclosure Form that needs to be signed and returned before Day 1.
  • A link to all Bonuses.
  • Details on time/date and instructions for attending the live zooms.
  • Invitation link to the private WhatsApp group.

Course Valued at over $3,500.00

Regular Price: $1,500.00

One-Time ONLY Introductory Course Price for those joining on October 30th:


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